How to Add Rustic Furniture to Your Modern Home

Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is all about old charm, rural and simply natural. If you live in the city in a modern home, this shouldn’t stop you from bringing that natural old charm to your house. In fact, you can make use of rustic furniture all over your home even if you live in one with a contemporary design. You don’t need the help of a professional interior designer to make this happen because you can simply be creative, use your imagination and transform your modern home into a classier and cozier one.

Choosing the Right Kind of Rustic Furniture

Going rustic doesn’t mean you have to settle for old furniture. This is a common misconception of many homeowners because they feel like it won’t be genuinely rustic if they buy brand new pieces. This also doesn’t mean you must not use pre-loved pieces of furniture because that can save you a whole lot of money too. It’s all about choosing the right furniture that would perfectly match your home and suit your style.

The first step you have to take is to research and draw inspiration from existing homes with rustic furniture. You can look through magazines or even on the Internet. Pinterest alone has hundreds and thousands of rustic home décor and furniture that you can look into. Find out how these homeowners mixed and matched décor and furniture to successfully get that rustic feel.

The next step is for you to always remind yourself to keep things simple. Choose natural colors like white, brown, cream, gray, etc. You can’t possibly say your furniture is rustic just because it’s made of wood or stone then you painted it with blue and red. A leather chair won’t be rustic if you chose to make it green and orange. Too much black won’t look rustic either. You need to keep natural colors balanced and as much as possible, just plain and simple.

Transforming Your Modern Living Room with Rustic Furniture

By simply having a fireplace installed gives such a rustic feel to your living room. You can also have an area carpet made of sheepskin. Your sofa can be made of brown leather and your center table could be a large wooden one. While white or cream paint on the walls and ceilings could stay the same, you can add some slabs of wood on the ceiling. A counter wooden or stone table can be placed on one side of the wood and have some wooden chairs on the side. You can even have a piano with a wooden body in your living room.

Possibilities are truly endless when you decide to use rustic furniture. Most importantly, your furniture will never “get old” because rustic will always be in. Decades from now, your home with rustic furniture would still remain charming, classy and elegant. Furthermore, you can even expect the value of your rustic furniture to rise as it gets older unlike if you have the usual plastic or fabric furniture which will most likely go to the dump years after.