5 Rustic Bedroom Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

Rustic Bedroom

A bedroom is such a special place in one’s home. This is the place you should feel most relaxed and cozy. As much as possible, you want each piece of décor or furniture customized or personalized because your bedroom should be all about you. If you’re thinking about having a rustic theme for your bedroom, you’d be happy to know that there are so many ways to incorporate rustic décor even in small spaces. Read on and find out about 5 great rustic bedroom decor ideas that you could draw inspiration from.

1. Everything begins with your bed.

Since your bed takes up a whole lot of space in your bedroom and it should be the most comfortable spot, you can start incorporating the rustic theme with it. Choose a mattress and sheets with natural colors such as white or cream to easily match it with everything else you will add in the bedroom. Old doors, better if you can find a barn door, would make a lovely looking headboard. Leave the wood raw and try not to paint over it. Perhaps varnish would do if you want a shiny finish. If you have less space to work with, then you can have a wooden bed built which is raised up high. The area under it should be high enough for you to walk under. You can use this spot as a place for storage or a working area.

2. Floating wooden shelves saves a lot of space.

Whether you have books, DVDs or frames and trophies to display, floating shelves will do the trick in saving space. This makes use of the head or air space you have that you will never be walking on anyway. Use raw wood again, one that matches your bed for a better look. You can build this on your own using a drill and some brackets or you can also have a professional help you out.

3. A ladder for a side table would have more levels than one.

Instead of a usual side table that will only have one surface, you can use an old wooden ladder instead. With at least three or four levels, you can use the top part for a charming lamp, the next for your remote controls, phone, eyeglasses and a book, the third for a book or two and the other levels for more things that you want to have on your bedside. You can even put a picture frame here, a small plant pot or replace the lamp with some candles.

4. A wooden framed mirror always has an old charm.

Carved wood or even just raw wood would look great as a frame for your mirror. You can make your own customized mirror or find a lot of this kind on sale. Make it large enough so that you won’t need another one to check out your full outfit for the day.

5. Personalize a wooden pallet that you can hang on the wall.

Wooden pallets are easy to customize and beautify. A good idea would be cleaning a wooden pallet and paint your favorite quote on it so you can hang it on the wall. You can also attach hooks on a wooden pallet before hanging it up so you can use this a hanger for belts, bags and more.