How to Choose Rustic Tables for Your Living or Dining Area

Rustic Tables

Are you in the process of building your home or remodeling your living and dining areas? You are probably thinking right now of the best furniture and décor to use. The best way to begin decorating is by finding the perfect table that would certainly highlight that area. When you already have a table, you can decorate from there and find other charming décor that would match it.

What to Consider When Finding the Right Table

When you are looking for the best kind of table, while its appearance is important, there are many other things to consider. After all, the table will take up a lot of space and will most probably be used a lot.

Just the Right Size

Especially if you’re looking for a nice rustic dining table, its size is very important. You need to make sure that there’s enough space for your whole family. You can’t have a small square table when there are five of you in the family. If your family is made up of only three people, you don’t necessarily need a long wooden table made for ten.

Material Used

Raw stone and wood are basic elements of a rustic design. You can settle for a large stone table or even a wooden one and you will still bring out the rustic look for your home. Whether in your living or dining area, just stay away from metal material and keep the look fully natural.


For any kind of table, durability is very important. As much as possible, you want a table that’s sturdy enough and meant to last for years and even decades.

Rustic Table Ideas for Your Living or Dining Area

You may need just one or two or even a few tables in your living and dining tables. You first need to plan and determine your needs because without a layout in mind, you may have way too many or too little tables in your home. The basic things you need – a dining table, a center table for your living room, and a coffee table. If you have more space, adding counter tables or side tables would be nice too.

Dining Table

As mentioned above, your dining table should be just the right size. Wood is a great choice because it never goes out of style and even if it is made of heavy wood, it won’t be as difficult to move around like stone and other materials. Match it with chairs made with wood as well or even ones with metal but upholstered with natural fabric. Leather would be a great choice too.

Center Table

Your center table should be just the right size too. Again, wood would be a great choice too and to add more class and elegance, you can even have a wooden center table covered with glass. It won’t be too rugged but it retains the simplicity of a rustic theme.

Coffee Table

You have endless choices for coffee tables. A great idea to save space is a foldable coffee table that you can easily store if not in use. You can even bring it with you if you’re having picnic trips with your family!