How Rustic Décor Can Transform Your Kitchen from Basic to Fabulous

Rustic Kitchen

Setting up your own kitchen isn’t too difficult. Especially if you already cook or bake a lot, you probably already know what you need and want for this area in your home. You can make your kitchen so basic but if you have all the things you need in a functional layout, then you should be good. However, who wants just another basic and be like everyone else when you can make yours more fabulous and impressive? After all, your kitchen is a major part of your home and you’d rather have it look amazing.

The tricky part about designing a home, especially on your own, is that you need to make sure everything matches and looks great along with other areas of your own. You might find having a modern or contemporary living room not a good match to your rustic kitchen, but with proper planning and few simple adjustments here and there, you can still make it look good. Rustic design is all about simplicity and natural colors so it shouldn’t be such a challenge for you to make one area of your home rustic and let the other areas incorporate a different style or design.

Start with the Basic Elements of a Rustic Kitchen

The most essential elements of a rustic home are stone and wood. While there are parts of your kitchen that you wouldn’t want to change to wood, you can still use this material on many other areas. You can have kitchen storage cabinets made of wood or you can have slabs of wood on top of your kitchen counter. Install hooks on this wooden parts and this is where you can hang pots and pans or even some utensils. Instead of choosing a plastic or metal knife block, you can opt for wood instead. You can easily find so many chopping boards that are made of wood. For every opportunity you get to use wood, use it.

You can use raw stone for countertops and on the floors. You can have bricks installed on all the walls of your kitchen or if you have a tight budget, you can choose one feature wall where bricks can be used. In fact, the only thing you need to remember about building a rustic kitchen is to keep things simple. While you can still have a modern refrigerator or oven, you can still maintain a rustic look.

How to Build a Rustic Kitchen

You can start with one piece of kitchen furniture and another if you don’t want to go through a full remodel or renovation. It is always best to seek advice from professional designers and get assistance from builders; however, you can always work on this on your own by drawing inspiration from existing rustic kitchen designs. Change your wall clock into a wooden one or you can have a wooden frame hanging on the wall of your kitchen. Use baskets or pallets as food containers.

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, you can keep it simple and make use of a rustic theme and you can turn it from being basic into something more fabulous. Most definitely, you will be spending more time in the kitchen now more than ever because it will be the most beautiful spot in your home.