Everything You Need To Know About Rustic Home Décor

Rustic Home Décor

Google defines “rustic” as “of or relating to the countryside” or simply rural. It can also be something that is made or constructed in a simple and plain fashion. Rustic is basically something that’s unsophisticated. However, when it comes to home décor, going rustic could actually transform even the most basic home into a fabulous and impressive one.

Imagine farmhouse or a barn. You see all the raw wood, unpainted bricks and things that bring you closer to nature. What does it take for you to go rustic for your home? Will it cost you a lot of money? Is it difficult to shop for rustic home décor? Read on and find out.

The Old Charm that Rustic Home Décor Brings

Don’t mistake rustic for rust because rusty metal things aren’t rustic at all. Rusty material will just impose danger in your home. On the other hand, rustic has a look and feel of stability and charm combined. While raw wood is usually attributed to rustic home décor, stone and bricks could also be considered rustic as well.

When it comes to clocks, for example, a modern home would most likely have a black and white simple round wall clock but if you want a rustic touch, a grandfather’s clock made of wood would be your choice. Photo frames made of plastic and glass may look good but photo frames made of wood and glass look even better. Do you have a heater installed in your home? You can save on energy and give that rustic feel by having a fireplace installed instead.

Rustic home décor is all about old charm and natural beauty. You can begin decorating with something as simple as raw driftwood attached to your wall or exposed unpainted wood on the ceiling. You can also use a slab of stone with some installed hooks as a place to hang coats or even keys. Think cozy each time you pick out a piece of décor or furniture and that will most likely be a rustic one.

Where to Shop and the Cost of Rustic Home Décor

Rustic home décor is not something hidden or mysterious. In fact, it is widespread and has become the décor of choice for many homeowners. Because of its simplicity, rustic décors are timeless. You can live in a house with rustic home décor without worrying about going out of style even after decades.

There are many online stores and local furniture shops that offer rustic home décor, however you can also save money by checking out thrift shops as well. Candlesticks made of stone or carpets made out of sheepskin would be perfect if you’re aiming for the rustic style. Usually, these decors won’t cost you more than the usual home décor unless of course you choose the expensive kind of wood or precious stone.

Truly, the secret to beautiful rustic home décor is for you to keep things simple. Draw inspiration from rustic home décor that you can find on magazines or on the Internet or simply keep in mind how amazing it would be if your home exudes classic charm and coziness.